Unprecedented crisis : Solace in thoughts !

Author : Sunil Shah , Founder : https://adviceyogi.com/

Unprecedented crisis

Yes!these are  times of unprecedented uncertainty, volatility ,  fear and anxiety, and  it’s easy for us to become overwhelmed by the world around us. And consciously or sub-consciously we may focus our thoughts on the things/events we can not control like  the lockdown/the epidemic / the world economy / the future post epidemic and so on and so forth ….. This continuous  focus  of  our thoughts on “things/events we can not control” exponentially increases our  fear and anxiety level.

The focus of Thoughts

But  here also we have a choice , a choice of  shifting our pattern of thoughts to the things / events we can control.

The first thing is the thought itself. We should remember that  in the times of crisis also we have the  opportunity  that we are in control of our own thoughts, which in turn control our emotions and our actions. Though it requires  a regular practice of   discipline , deliberations  and intentionality, it  greatly benefits both our mind and body


 How we experience the over all scene around us .  We need to live with  these unprecedented scenario as  normal . Means   we need  to take/comprehend  whatever is happening now around us   as “new normal”. It exists , simply exists now.


We  create our thoughts.   We   in an effort  to make sense of our external environment, we  consciously / unconsciously try to decode  what’s going on around us . If  we continuously think a negative thought , our  thoughts will cause our emotions. Soon our  feelings will follow suit, causing more emotions like anxiety, frustration and panic.  Our  actions create our life. What we  do and what we don’t do shape our personal world, and they’re all set into motion by the thoughts we  created after the initial event.  

We can intentionally  make minor shifts in our thoughts . For example , we can think “This is fun, a new style” instead of our  primary  response in a state of crisis  “I can’t possibly work from home”.

We can alter our response to crisis by intentionally  thinkingYes I can safely navigate through these times of crisis , Yes I can manage my business , Yes it is a new normal and I accept it , Yes I’m doing my best , Yes I can and I will make optimal use of available resources, Yes  it is  an opportunity to upskill  myself , and so on and so forth”.

In control

These minor shifts is thoughts are easily accepted & welcomed by our brain.

 And the  magic happens ,as these  thoughts influence our actions, we start  the day with new energy and with more control over that energy. Instead of reacting or not acting at all,  now we  have the energy to be proactive, feeling more powerful , more resilient and in control of ourselves  than we did before. 

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